Become a better and confident cook for your kids.

Most parents don't know what to feed their kids. Get the resources you need to never run out of meal ideas. Ever again.

Hi, I'm Ioana!

I cook for two little monkeys and the results are on and Instagram. I like to read a lot of cookbooks, listen to podcasts, write and take photos. 

It's nice to meet you.

Cooking for your kids shouldn't feel like a full-time job.

From starting solids, to toddlerhood and beyond, our jobs as moms is to provide the food that not only is varied enough, but also nutritious and healthy.

And yet, it gets "old" and tiresome to cook for the family.

We're anxious

Will they even eat what I'm making? How on Earth do you combine all these? I guess it's scrambled eggs AGAIN.

We're always asking stuff online

"Hello ladies, do you have any breakfast ideas for a 12 month old?" 
"How do you cook carrots?"

Pinterest fails us or we go down the rabbit hole

There must have been something wrong with the recipe. Uuu, there's another one that looks nice!

But here's the thing.

1. Nobody can guarantee you that kids will eat. You do the cooking, let them do the eating. It's called the division of responsibility and you can find more about it here.

2. A variety of food doesn't necessarily mean new food.

noun: variety
the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony.

With these in mind...

...I've taken to the kitchen to find out ways to cook all the things, to vary even the slightest ingredient and to constantly come up with ideas so that I cover their nutritional needs without getting too frustrated in the process. And I've shared my results on Instagram.

In the age of Google and Pinterest, parents still struggle with meal ideas. Wouldn't it be nice to create memories in the kitchen instead of stressing out what you should be having for dinner?

Let's give the kids the chance to have standout favourite dishes that you have cooked (just like your mum before you).

Let's learn and make cooking great again.