Mommy's Little Broccoli Guide by Cooking School For Moms

Mommy's Little Broccoli Guide

Launches on September 1st, 2020

I promise to help you cook broccoli for your kids without repeating yourself for a year.

Here at Cooking School for Moms we believe our little ones deserve a healthy start in life and any mom can learn how to cook from scratch while offering enough variety and exposure to teach her child to enjoy and love food.

When you picture feeding veggies to your little one, you probably think he’s going to enjoy eating them as much as any other person.

Instead, you’re constantly wondering 

  • if he’s eating enough
  • if you’re offering enough variety and 
  • why you’re making steamed broccoli the fifth time this month cause that’s the only way you know how to cook it.

You feel like you don’t know how to cook many things in general and maybe a bit anxious to try something new for once. What if he doesn’t like it? What if it ends up on the floor? Or worse, what if the recipe is wrong and it turns out horrible?

Kids need their veggies and you know hiding them in various pasta dishes doesn’t cut it anymore. 

All those memories of your grandma cooking in the kitchen makes you wonder if there is a secret to cooking that you haven’t discovered yet. How could she cook all those things and here you are struggling with some broccoli?!

But what if you woke up in the morning and your meals would be all sorted out for the week? What if you wouldn’t search for another recipe again because you already knew all the possible ways to cook something from scratch?

What if you knew so many broccoli combinations that you wouldn’t repeat yourself for months on end, ensuring exposure and let’s face it, some peace of mind on the variety aspect?

Your grandma would be proud. Your kid might even remember you cooking for him when he’s older and with kids of his own.

How about no more “I hope he eats that broccoli”? 

How about “that broccoli was nice, wasn’t it?”

Yes, I want that!
Mommy’s Little Broccoli guide isn’t only getting the basics of cooking broccoli in every way imaginable (although that is part of it).

It’s also going to teach you how and what to combine it with so that ideas will be coming to you out of nowhere.

Cooking can get boring if you’re only rotating the same dish over and over again. And this can lead to a child who only eats certain things a certain way and might not feel adventurous with any type of food out of his comfort zone.

We’re going to end the food ruts and the broccoli tots recipes. 

I’ll give you the knowledge you need to make broccoli the star of any meal and not hide it in the hope it goes unnoticed.

Trust starts with what you put on your kid’s plate. And that means taking a risk of constant and diverse exposure to different textures and flavours in order to raise a confident and happy eater.

Next thing you know, all your mommy friends will start calling you for tips.

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What you're getting

Welcome to everything broccoli!
Elements of meal variety
A word on variety
Anchoring-based cooking
The DOR method
BONUS: How to cook broccoli next
How to decide what to cook
Types of broccoli and general info
Types of broccoli
The basics of cooking broccoli
How to prep broccoli for cooking
BONUS: How to serve broccoli raw
Ideas for serving broccoli raw
Food pairings and affinities
Broccoli with other veggies
Broccoli with fruit
Broccoli with meats
Broccoli and dairy
Broccoli and grains
Broccoli with spices and legumes
Broccoli with eggs
BONUS: What to do with leftovers?
Doughs and batters
Sauces and dips
Egg dishes
Soups and broths
Other bakes
You've done it!

Frequently asked questions

Can't I just find this info online for free?

Yes, most probably you can. But you would have to search and bookmark everything in lots of places like Instagram, Pinterest, Google, not to mention the time you would need to find everything. It can take you weeks. Why not have it in a nice package ready for you to digest and implement right away?

Why are you doing this?

Because there might be people out there who, like me, like to eyeball things. 

But at the same time, they struggle with variety in their cooking. 

Broccoli is one of those things moms wish their kids would eat more of, but in order to be successful at that, they need to learn to expose their kids to as many instances of broccoli as possible.

Is this a collection of recipes?

No. I don't like recipes, unless I am baking. For everything else, quantities are not so relevant. I rather rely on observation and basic techniques, but also ingredient combinations that I know work together. That's what I've done with this Guide. I think you'll find it quite liberating, to be honest.

Hi. I'm Ioana 👋

I started Cooking School for Moms because I believe any mom can give their little ones a healthy start in life and make homemade meals from scratch.

I love to bake, read and take photos. 

You can check out more on my blog at