Mommy's Little Broccoli Guide by Ioana @ CookingSchoolForMoms

Learn to cook broccoli from scratch and make it tasty, without needing a recipe ever again.

But first, make sure you've read my story on how I got my kids to try broccoli and get them to enjoy eating it. It talks a lot about my philosophy when feeding kids and I want to make sure we're on the same page. As much as I like your money, I'd like this product to be a good fit for you.

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Learn how to expose your little one to a variety of home cooked broccoli meals that taste good and help him learn to enjoy his food. Hint: you don’t need a Culinary Arts degree.

This Guide is teaching you the techniques and combos you need to know so that all broccoli recipes become irrelevant.
You’ll be cooking your own dishes from scratch without any fixed quantities.

You just need your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your ears and your hands. Once you master all the basics and repeat them, your brain will have stored the info he needs to cook broccoli in all the possible ways. Repetition is the mother of all learning.
Look, I understand that for some people, recipes seem to be their end all, be all. But that is not me (unless I am baking, in which case I do tend to follow exact quantities).

I know recipes help people, that’s why so many of them post photos of their cooked food online.

However, I like to get creative in the kitchen and work with what I’ve got, instead of trying to fit in an ingredients list that sends me to the supermarket in the middle of the day.

The system behind cooking anything from scratch is based on 4 main steps:

1. Choosing your main ingredient and prepping it.

2. Choosing a cooking method (or not - serving the food raw)

3. Choosing a pairing or food affinity based on tried and true combinations that go well in terms of taste and flavour

4. Tasting, adjusting, replacing if need be.

What recipes do is provide the first three without giving your brain much chance to actually register what goes on behind mixing some quantities.

However, when you find out the knowledge behind the first three and you add the fourth element, that’s where you can truly say you have conquered your kitchen.
You’ve probably tried searching online. You’ve watched cooking shows and maybe have a cookbook or two. You have Instagram posts bookmarked.

And yet… you still feel stuck when it comes to broccoli.

That’s what I call the Recipe Trap. You find one, then find another and so on. You’re trapped in this continuum of looking for the next big thing that is going to help you, when in fact it only gives you an addiction.

Recipes look all the same because they are the same. I used to be the type of person who was always looking for something new, when in fact, nothing was new.  

It’s not your fault. 

Recipes are pretty and you fall in love with them. But how many of them do you actually remember and use constantly? It's probably just one or two, right?

It’s time to learn that exact quantities do not matter. It’s the technique that will stick with you. You only need to practice it.

Mommy's Little Broccoli Guide

What's it gonna be?

If we’re being honest, it takes a lot of effort to learn how to cook. So it might be quicker to call it a day and just rely on recipes that always tell you to steam, boil or roast that broccoli.

So you’re faced with two choices:

1. Either you keep on doing that and your child won’t experience much difference in terms of textures and tastes.

2. Or you learn how to cook broccoli from scratch once and for all and next time you’ll just know what to do with it. And you’ll learn how to vary all those dishes so that you get some piece of mind on that aspect.

What's inside Mommy's Little Broccoli Guide?

The basics

All the possible cooking techniques that make broccoli the star of a meal and ideas to take it further.

Mix & match

Learn what to pair broccoli with for maximum taste, flavour and aroma. Help your child enjoy it!


What to do with leftovers so that you minimize food waste and make the most out of everything. How to serve broccoli raw so that you ensure exposure to multiple textures.

At-a-glance printables

So that you can quickly mix & match your ingredients as you're cooking.

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  • Online access to the Guide
  • PDF version to print
  • BONUS: How to serve broccoli raw
  • BONUS: What to do with leftovers
  • BONUS AT-A-GLANCE PRINTABLES: how to decide what to cook, how to improve taste & aroma, how to combine with other foods
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Frequently asked questions

Yes...all this sounds lovely, but why should I invest in such a thing?

If I told you can actually learn how to cook broccoli so that you never rely on a recipe ever again? All you need to know about broccoli is in this Guide.

That's time saved from Google-ing, Youtube-ing or Instagram-ming, looking for that next idea that in fact is the same with the previous ones.

Can't I just find this info online for free?

Yes, probably.

But if I told you can cook broccoli without recipes, would you know where to start to learn that? Would you know where to look? How about I hold your hand and show you instead?

Is this a collection of recipes?


You will see quantities are not relevant. You need to learn the technique and food combinations in order to not feel stuck in recipes again. You need to put in the effort of understanding why and how cooking broccoli works. 

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