There are two things the Cooking School For Moms believes in.

1. Every child deserves a healthy start in life and it's our duty as moms to cook healthy and nutritious food at home.

2. Every mom can come up with meal ideas for her kid by learning how to cook a variety of food.

It's nothing more, nothing less than that.

And when I say variety, I do not mean fancy dishes from an a la carte restaurant, that happen to change every day and never repeat themselves.

It's ok to cook the same things on rotation.

But when you do, change one thing. 

Changing one thing, whether it's an ingredient, a location, a way of serving, the way of cooking or whatnot, is enough.

For kids, food is much more than what is actually laid on the table for them to eat.

For kids, mealtimes are stories and every time they sit down to eat there's a different one waiting for them.

We don't believe in picky eating.

We believe in food and the stories that kids tell themselves about it.